Handshake – A handshake is a short ritual in which two people grasp one of each other’s opposite hands, in most cases accompanied by a brief up and down movement of the grasped hands. (wikipedia)

Again in my job I shake a lot of hands and believe me they do come in many shapes and strengths. Below are the compilation of my experience.

  1. The iron claw – Once they grab on your hand, you would wish you never met. They clap their fingers  around yours so hard that you thought you heard your bones cracking. This type of hand shakes usually accompany with vigorous shaking.  Perhaps these people spend their free time practice Shao Lin Iron Palm Kung Fu. They tend to be over friendly even at the first meeting.
  2. The sotong/squid – Cold, sweaty and soft! They always remind me of squid when I have to shake their hand. It’s not their fault and I always hold back the urge to rub my palms on my skirt after shaking their hand as not to offend them.
  3. The fingers shaker – Some people actually shake with fingers, they will only hold my fingers and shake it 2 times. The whole process take less then 1 second. Perhaps they think my hand is full of germs.
  4. The warmer – My favorite ! these hand shakes usually come with just right amount of strength and length of time. Accompany with warm fingers wrapping around my hand sending out the confidence vibes.
  5. The no hand shake – Since we are Muslim country and Muslim man are not suppose touch other woman beside their wife, so I have been decline a hand shake with my hand already sticking out. Embarrassing but  totally understand their stand point. Note to self – do not assume all Muslim man will shake hand with woman.
Handshakes actually says a lot about a person’s character without us knowing it and it does play an important role in making an impression on first meeting. Of course with practice, anyone can be The Warmer.

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