In my job as a head hunter I meet quite a number of people over the past 5 years. Most of the people I met are usually more senior than me in term of age irregardless of male or female as the positions that I handle are senior positions.

Lately I realize one funny scenario. Usually when I meet candidate at cafe over coffee I will wait for them at the entrance and then will go grab a drink together before looking for a seat. Almost all the time, the candidate will just stand there waiting for me to buy him/her a drink. This is ok with me as I am the one ask he/she out for meeting but sometimes I just wish they have some courtesy and offer me a drink specially if the candidate is a guy.

What happened to Chivalry? I mean imagine this, the guy is older than me and they just stand there waiting for me to buy them drink. I guess it does not hurt if he just offer to pay for the drink and of course I would not let him, I think to pretend to ask is better than just keeping quiet. I think Malaysian guys need to learn to be more gentleman.  How funny that cost of a drink can buy a person’s true color.


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