Mom & Simba


Mom and Simba have a love hate relationship.

Generally mom is not a animal lover (beside cooking them, just kidding!) She is ok in helping to feed and cleaning their poo poo but she never like to touch them. Even now with Simba around mom still not much of a pet lover.

Simba on the other hand loves to get my mom’s attention. He is either so naughty that he want to annoys mom or he is just purely a stupid cat that don’t know my mom don’t quite like to touch him.

He likes to jump and hug mom’s leg while she is walking or jump and catch mom’s hair when she lying down on the couch. Mom of course always get startled and shout at him but he just keep on doing it!

So the show will repeat everyday with mom shouting at Simba and Simba keep on jumping at mom.

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