Life time lesson


I am learning to manage criticism.

I am not very good at taking criticism irregardless it is a sincere critics that is for my own good or it’s just some negative comments that people said to me without thinking much. I must admit that I am actually pretty stubborn and many times I take good will comments lightly.

Lately I received pretty handsome amount of critics from people around me about my actions as well as about my online business. I was deeply disturbed by some of the critics which I know I should not as they wasn’t thinking right when they said that but I cannot control my feeling being hurt. Many times people say things just for the sake of saying which really annoys me.

I shared some of the incidents with close friends and thank Lord they are very supportive and gave me a lot of courage and time listening to my whining 🙂   I do understand that everyone have their own thoughts on how things should be done but I seriously think they should respect my decisions and actions as well before giving me their 2 cents worth.  A lot of time, things can look simple from outside but the real fact is that it takes a lot of effort and time to get it done.

I am learning how to hold up to my opinion when I am challenge. I am leaning how to not to be bothered by other’s negative commends. I am leaning how to let go which is the hardest part.

This is gonna be a life time lesson.

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