My Project


I mentioned on my early post that I am planning something , a project to be more precise.

The project is that me and my friend BH are planning to set up an online boutique selling plus size clothing. This idea came up on a day when both of us sitting in a shopping mall having dinner. We both think that we should use our free time to do something that will generate moola and at the same time to keep us busy instead of spending our free time on shopping and spending money.

We have weight several options on what we should do, one of it is selling food which was BH’s first choice. However after deeply taking many aspect into consideration , we come to a conclusion that we are unable to handle the stress of running an eatery. Then we both think that an online store would be the best option as we both are working and we can save on the rental of a actual store.

Finally we both have decided to set up an online store selling plus size clothes! It’s not hard to understand our decision since we both are on the plum side. We are not really a plus size like size UK 14 or 20 but we are also not on average Asian Size of UK 6 – 8 either.  So our target audience would be ladies size between UK 10 – UK 16. This is a range where we are not here nor there. It’s hard for us to find clothes on most boutiques as they usually don’t carry size bigger then UK 10, and for those plus size shop we are consider too thin to wear their clothes.

I love fashion and love shopping for clothes. What is better then running an online boutique?This gives me the opportunity to buy clothes which is like a dream job.  How hard can it be running an online boutique? There are so many people out there doing it, hack even my 18 years old cousin is running an online shop.

Ok, so I was wrong. It’s not as easy as I think it would be. There are a lot of planning to do and also it’s pretty tiring as well. We are still in the midst of preparing the web site to go live and from the looks of things, its gonna be  another few weeks before we can finally put up the site for running.

So stay tune for more updates!!

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