Bangkok 2011


This time round I visited Bangkok with a mission, sourcing of products for my project (my project is another story). I notice some changes since my last visit, for one Bangkok traffic is not as bad as I remember. This could be due to there were protesters during my last visit. Also I cannot find my favorite grilled fish and prawn at all which was easily found selling in night market a year ago.  The 3rd would be the weather, the day we touched down the temperature was 22 degree Celsius ! That is not the hot scorching Bangkok weather that I remember.

Despite the minor changes, Bangkok is still the shopping heaven with lot’s of delicious food and people who can’t pronounce “S” that I remembered.  This visit I managed to make it to T&K seafood at China Town and also a visit to The Grand Palace which was missed out during my previous visit.

My 4 days 3 nights stayed had been a fruitful and pleasurable one minus few small dishonor encounters. The first night we took a cab to go to China town for the famous T&K seafood but was cheated by the cab driver as he told us China Town were closed due to Yellow Shirt Protesters after we hopped in his cab. He then recommended us to a seafood restaurant which the price was absurd for Bangkok standard. Later during our visit to Grand Palace, we were cheated again to go for a boat ride that is nothing but a ride at the river near the palace. We were told it’s a Floating Market river ride and it cost us RM 70 per person with no floating market in sight.

Beside these unhappy incident, I still enjoyed my visit and also did quite some shopping at the famous Platinum Mall and Chatuchak weekend market. The down part is my feet were hurting so much with all the walking but fear not as massage services in Bangkok is really cheap. So I pampered myself with foot massage every night after a long day walking around 😛

There are so much more in Bangkok that I would like to see and do but time is limited. The next round, I would love to go to a real Floating Market!

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Edel enjoy good food and good laughs with friends & family. She likes bright colors and RED is her favorite. She is vain and thinks that she is an artificial beauty. She needs more friends and parties !

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