Bangkok !!!!!!!!!! Here I come !!!!!!!!


Strange how God has his plan that I am visiting Bangkok again exactly after one year since my last visit. The last trip was with Michelle and Lilie, the three of us had so much great time travelling together and it’s gonna be hard to do it again anytime soon as Lilie is blessed with a baby boy. So now left me and Mic to go for our single hood travelling. LOL

This round I am going to Bangkok with a another buddy of mine, BH and we are going with a mission. I shall not reveal our mission at this moment but I promise will reveal as  soon as possible. So stay tune to find out more!

I am pretty excited as this is the first trip we both travel together since the Taiwan trip which ends up she travel alone at the very last-minute. I am sure we both will stuff ourself full as both of us love to eat. The only worry I have is BH’s knees, there will be a lot of walking and I wonder can her knees handle all the walking? (She is having 80 years old knees)

Never the less I am sure we will have a lot of fun and nothing shall stop my mission to eat at T&K Seafood @ China Town this time. The last round didn’t manage to make it due to the red shirt protesters.

I am flying off this Thursday, I hope I will bring back lots of fun stories and nice pictures to share with all of you.


About edeltwong

Edel enjoy good food and good laughs with friends & family. She likes bright colors and RED is her favorite. She is vain and thinks that she is an artificial beauty. She needs more friends and parties !

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