Car problem


I sent my car for service over the weekend at a workshop behind my house. This is the first time I am sending my car to a non-Perodua Service Center as my car has passed its warranty period and I heard it is cheaper to service at a normal workshop then the designated service center. I did a normal service, wheel balancing & alignment and also to change the front absorbers.

I left my car at the workshop and collected it hours later. I was told everything was done with a pair of new absorber. I felt the driving is smoother compare to pre-service but still find the front wheel was making some noises. I am planning to goo back again the following weekend to get it check .

Today while I was on my way to work driving on the highway, something metal hit my car. so I thought I must have hit some object on the road and keep on driving. A minute later, I felt more metal parts was like dropping of from underneath of my car, it feels like some stuff was dismantle from my car and drop off.  I was shocked and slow down to drive at the slow lane. I can’t see what was the parts as I was driving quite fast on a very busy highway. Lucky there is a Petrol station not too far ahead. I stop at the petrol station and call my insurance agent to find out what should I do.

She advised me to call for a tow truck and tow my car to the nearest workshop/service center. Waited for an hour before I manage to talk to the tow truck driver to give him my location (my insurance company was acquired by another insurance company, so they are going through a messy merger). Then I waited for another hour before the tow truck arrived and send my car to the nearest Perodua Service Center.

Everyone was amazed when I told them what my problem is and they have hard time believing it. I left my car at the service center for a thorough check on what’s going on. Finger crossed that it will not cost me a bomb to fix the problem.


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