Phishing for info……


Many times I find myself being naive or you may even call it stupid in many situations.

I am amazed that many times when me and friends are exchanging information, it’s always that I will giving out information but get nothing in return. I am not sure that people are more “smart” or that I am too stupid to have absolute trust in friends.

I do understand the importance of privacy for many and they feel uncomfortable to reveal too much then in return they should not ask others to reveal information as well. I am  pretty annoyed when one try to fish information out from me when we have a pack to exchange information instead of me giving.  I still remember this incident where one of  my ex-colleagues that ask for some contacts from me and we agreed that I will give her some contact provided she gave me hers. Guess what? She took my contacts and never gave me hers despite I asked her twice. I always have this unspoken rule : Ask only when you are ready to give the same when asked upon you.

Which also lead to another type of people around me that want to know what is happening in my life but then in return they do not share what’s happening in their life to me. I can only know about the happenings in their life through 3rd party and when asked , it’s the always innocent : Didn’t I tell you this before? ” Or ” Oh, you know righttttt……?” Errrrrrrr……. how am I suppose to know when you don’t even bother to inform me of the happenings in your life?

It is pretty strange that one wants to find out so much about others but then they are not wiling to reveal much about themselves. For me its a simple rule – share as much about yourself if you want to know as much about others.

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