Rabbit Year


Today is the 5th day of Chinese New Year which also marked my 32th birthday on Chinese calender 🙂

This year Chinese New Year celebration has been good so far. I was off on the eve and had a simple dinner at home with mother.  The first  two days just chilling at home doing TV marathon. On the 3rd day, has a gathering with some buddies at Lilie’s place. She came back from JB with her hubby and new-born, baby Benjamin. Benji been sleeping throughout the gathering, I guess he must be really exhausted with all the travelling so din’t have much chance to carry him. It has been quite sometime since we all last gather together as most of my buddies are now mothers with young kids and it’s gonna be more kids moving forward.

After that I went to visit AM and her new-born Zac. He is such a small and handsome baby with thick dark hair, I bet he’s gonna grow up breaking a lot of ladies’ heart!!!! All the visiting ends earlier then I expected, so I was thinking to catch a movie, din’t make it as the cinema was “people mountain people sea” !

As for the fourth day my day starts quite early, went to Pauline’s place to meet with some secondary school friends. It’s getting lesser people each year, wonder how many will show up next year. After that I went to have lunch with my primary school classmates @ Restaurant Taman Rasnah. Luckily I made reservation as I was shocked to see so many people at the restaurant. I think there should be easily 80 tables of guest in the restaurant but we were lucky to booked a private room.

Food was quite ok and the portion is pretty big, there are 11 of us and there are some left overs. CS brought his girlfriend hopefully  she is not traumatized by our craziness LOL and Jeannie finally announced her good news and showed her baby bump to everyone. It was a good gathering that filled with joy and laughter. Since Jeannie has pass her trimester, she is now cleared for Karaoke! So it’s just natural that we proceed to Karaoke session after lunch.

Even though I start work today but the celebration is going to continue next week. I will be hosting a  small gathering at my place with my ex-colleagues. I am planning a steamboat session and perhaps throw in a homemade Yee Sang. So now, please excuse me as I need to go search for the recipe for the Yee Sang’s sauce.  Wish me luck !

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