Chinese New Year and Shopping


Chinese New Year is just around the corner!!!! I gonna stop complaining that this year the festive atmosphere is mush lesser compare to pass years because this has become a non spoken rules.  Sad but true.

Anyway there are several things are must do for Chinese during Chinese New Year such as spring cleaning, prepare cookies and drinks for guests and change new notes for ang paos as well as shopping for new clothes.  It has been a Chinese custom that one would wear new clothes for the first day of Chinese New Year to symbolize a new beginning.

Since I am from a small family with no relatives around town, we usually did not do much for CNY. The most important thing for my mom is spring cleaning (she likes to clean , hack we practically spring clean every quarter of the year) and changing new notes. Food and clothes are the less important items compare to those two. It is not a tradition that we buy new clothes for CNY but some years we do if we manage to find something we like.

I thought that this year would be another year that I do not buy new clothes for CNY but to my surprise so many nice and fits me (the mos important factor)  dresses show up. Who could resist that kind of temptation 😛

2 weeks ago I was talking to BH and said that I think I will not buy new clothes as I have several still new dresses that I can wear for CNY. But life of course have its own mind how it want things to be done. Till date I have bought 6 dresses ( one still on its way to be delivered as I purchased it online) , 4 tops and a pants. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! this is a result of planning not to buy, what if I plan to buy ?!??!?!?!?! crazy shopping spree I had but I’m also a good girl because I did not buy any shoes (truth is I still have several new pairs that I have yet to wear) . My friend BH who also decided not to buy new clothes ends up with 6 tops, a pants, a handbag and some accessories on ONE  shopping spree.

I think the female population in Malaysia have a huge contribution in boosting the economy for year 2011.

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