My November


I know that I have been neglecting my blog. One of the reasons is nothing seems interesting enough to blog about, plus I was facing some challenges in my job which now slowly turns out to be better.

But hopefully things will turn better and my blogging mood will restore in no time 🙂

Anyway, few things had happened lately in the month of November. One is I attended my cousin’s wedding 2 weeks ago in Bukit Mertajam with my mom (Its my 80 years old Uncle’s daughter’s wedding). It’s good to meet with all the relatives again after so long (last I visited was 8 years ago). Weddings in small towns such as BM is pretty different compare to city area. There in BM when we talk about wedding, it is sure a “family thing” where all the relatives are invited and everyone will be there.

I also found out that my cousin has a 16 years old grandson which made me a grand-aunt already. Looking at the rate they all get married and have children I am pretty confident that I shall be a great grand-aunt before I turn 40!!! Awesome in a weird kind of way LOL…….Since my mom has so many relatives to visit hence she decided to stay  for another 2 weeks where else I had to  came back early as my annual leaves is running real low. I am bunking with Mic for the time being until my mom comes back this Friday.

Another drama is BH asked me to join her for a Taiwan trip last week. Her husband is on business trip to Taiwan and she thinks we can bunk at his hotel and save on accommodation. I was so excited as I always wanted to go to Taiwan so I said yes but everything is pending for her leave approval ( she was on a week leave the week before).  We decided to fly on 13th but only booked the flight tickets on 10th (leave approval comes on 10th), then I was down with severe food poisoning on the 11th. It all happen after dinner at a restaurant near office, I threw up 3 times in office and barely able to sit up after that.

Lucky BH was there to the rescue she sent me to the doc and doc gave me a jab to stop the vomiting. It was so bad that I barely able to walk until I have to leave my car in the office and BH has to sent me home. Mic was shocked to see me in such bad condition. Then the purging starts in the middle of the night. The next day I felt slightly better and come back to office to settle my stuff before went back to Klang to pack for my trip. To make things worst  BH herself was down with fever as well.

On 13th morning, I woke up feeling much better and drove to BH house. The hubby (His flight is one day after ours)drove us to LCCT and we had breakfast there. I checked in my luggage then proceed to immigration counter. I was shocked to find that I am blacklisted and not allowed to leave the country!!!! Apparently it is because I failed to repay my PTPTN loan.  @#%$^%$!%$ There is no way for me to leave the country until I settle my study loan (why is bribery not working when you need it the most??)

I was really pissed as I did not receive any form of notification about this. This loan was way back 10 years ago and the best part is my name is only in the system since 4th Nov 2010!!!!!! 9 freaking days before my flight!!!!!!!!!! So I called PTPTN today to find out more about this. The person there told me they have been sending the notification to me to my OLD ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello…….. what is the point of me changing the address on my identification card (which cost me RM 20) ?????? It is so that I can be reached at the right address !!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like screaming at the lady but then I know this is not her fault , It is the big flaws in the system where everything is not connected just like our transportation system.

So that is all the dramas for the first 2 weeks of my November.

p/s: It’s not all bad news, Jeannie did deliver some good news last night !!!! That is another story ……..

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