Day 3


Since its 101010, we decided to do something special – to take pictures at Bukit Bendera at 10am on 101010.

I have difficulties waking up in the morning but managed to crawl out from bed at 7.30am so we can make it at Bukit Bendera at 10am. I have to wake everyone up, and found that Sim was wrapped in blanket from head to toes when I wake him, he was struggling to come out from the blanket and it was kinda funny.

Everyone was groggy and decided to go to Bukit Bendera then only breakfast. Drive all the way to Bukit Bendera and was greeted with a huge sign saying ” Tutup” $%#$$^

We ends up  going to Kek Lok Si instead and managed to snap a group picture at 10.10 am on 101010! Mission accomplished !

Then on the way back went to the famous Asam Laksa (been going there since day 2 but the stall was closed) and I must say , they serve the best among the rest. We even tapao some back to Klang (the car stink like fish market)!

Then we head back to hotel to check out and head to buy local delights before heading home. We also try out luck to have the Roti Canai again but luck was on our side, the stall was closed so we ends up eating Sister friend kueh tiow. Personally I think it’s a little over rated, I think the fried kueh tiow at Section 19, PJ taste way better.

We bought some hio piah and sesame oil at Ghee Hiang. Me and Jeannie also managed to bought the Yew’s layer cake but to our disappointment the standard dropped tremendously. It used to be rich and buttery, now its dry !

We stop by Ipoh for Taugeh Chicken and bought salt bake chicken.

Reach home around 8 something feeling tired and full.

This trip also made me discover the unknown side of my friends and myself.

During our drive to Penang, the fuel alert light was blinking and we were at middle of no where and I started to panic searching for the nearest petrol station on the GPS. The 3 of them were very relax and leave everything to fate. I am the type that  hardly drive until the petrol level in-car is low, I will always refill when it’s at the 2nd last bar. Also I easily get  kan jiong if I am not familair with the route and need constant confirmation that I am driving at the right direction.

Jeannie is an angry woman when she is hungry!!!!!!!! and she snores as well just like me. Also she likes to wear big big T-shirts and black is her favorite color.

Brian is such an unpredictable person, when we expect him to do something he won’t do it but when we least expect him to do so he will do it. Another thing is he can’t stand people do not clean up the meat on bones when eating chicken. So we have to cover our chicken bones when eating Tougeh chicken in Ipoh.

Sim likes to bottoms up!!! not only alcohol but this applies to all soupy stuff. He also likes to clean up all the remaining food on the table. Ends up we all finish all the noodles and condiments and leaves all the remaining soup for him to bottoms up.

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