Penang Day 1


Me and some primary classmates (Brian, Jeannie & Sim) went for a makan trip @ Penang. There are 4 of us (initially 8 of us) which is just nice as we shared one car and all of them  are pretty laid back people. Just like me they eat almost everything (no beef for Jeannie and Brian)  and have no issues with sharing food (read: sharing my saliva)

Day 1 (Friday)

Rushed back from office at 3.30pm to shower and start my journey to Penang at 5pm. Waited for Jeannie for a while and Brian called to ask where are we? He is ready and waiting for us since 4.50pm which surprised me and Jeannie. We leave Shah Alam around 6 something after picking up Sim and hit the high way straight way. Stop for dinner at Sg Buloh rest house (Burger King) then continue our way to Penang. Traffic condition was pretty bad since Klang and all the way after Sg Buloh.

Reach the apartment around 11.30pm, after settled in we went out for supper around 12am. Drove to Gurney Drive to hunt for food, found a Rojak stall which is supposed to be famous but I think it is overrated and the guy is pretty slow in preparing the Rojak. He keeps on talking customers and when he talk his hands stop working (prove that Men cannot multitask) we also had Asam Laksa and deep-fried chicken skin (yup, deep-fried chicken skin… unhealthy but delicious).

After dinner, we walk around the beach side at Gurney Drive and took some pictures. We continue chit chatting and back in the hotel but I went to bed early as I was really tired. I shared a room with Jeannie, Sim took the master bed room and Brian bunk in the living room because he claims his snores is loud and no one want to take the risk sleeping with him 🙂 . Turn out his snoring wasn’t that loud or maybe is because we were sleeping in the room and he was sleeping in the living room.


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