Day 2


Day 2

Woke up around 8 something and went for the legendary Roti Canai at Jalan Transfer (legendary according to Sim) and it turn out to be good especially the mutton curry. The roti canai is slightly chewy but delicious, as for the mutton its very tender and have a hint of tomato sauce in it. Sim was so happy and satisfied when he bites into the roti canai.

Then we went to The Goddess Mercy Temple (Kuan Yin Tin) as Jeannie want to pray there. Brian and Sim followed Jeannie but it is so obvious they are amateurs when come to praying. After the praying and all we walk to a coffee shop next to the temple where they serve “loh bak” and “loh mee” , taste good !


Next stop we went to have the famous cendol and continue with Brian’s Roti Bakar. Lucky the weather was not too hot if not i would have be burnt with all the walking under the sun.

Since all of us are full and got nothing better to do, we decided to go for a ferry ride. It has been more then 15 years since i last had a ferry ride. Something funny happened though, i was searching on GPS for the direction to the Jetty and found “Jeti Jelutong” and Sim gave me confirmation that is where we need to go. While driving there we were puzzled as we can’t see the sea and it sure don’t feel like nearing the sea as well. Guest where we ends up?

The ferry ride was shorter then i remembered, Sim & Brian both climb up to the roof top and took some pictures with the Captain, as for me and Jeannie we just chilled around at the top deck.

After the ferry ride, we were all very “salted” and went back to hotel to shower and take a rest before another round of food hunting. When we reached the hotel, Sim & Brian decided to go for a beach walk holdding hands , they had some fun time and took some funny pictures.

Later in the evening we went to the “tai pai dong” near Sunway Hotel. There are quite a lot of stalls selling all the local delights. We had  pork innards porridge (must try), pork satay (ok ok la) , fried oyster with egg and fried kueh tiow. Then we also packed the porridge and asam laksa for supper.

After the dinner we head to Batu Feringgi to buy DVDs. Stop by a hotel to use the toilet and Wifi, hang out at the lobby and snap some photos.  Then go back to hotel to have supper at 1.30 am.

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