Alvin & Lilie’s wedding (part 2)


We head to the restaurant around 1245 for the wedding banquet and the lunch did not start until 1430. Looks like the habit of being late apply from the central to south of Malaysia and i believe it would be the same up north. To my surprise i saw a familiar face during the luncheon. my primary classmate – JH who also is the groom’s college mate, what a small world!

During the luncheon, the groom – Alvin also had a surprise for Lilie by proposing to her on the stage (he did not propose to her officially, they just decide to get married) which is very touching and Lilie can’t stop crying. We the CMs together with the HDs as asked to go up the stage during the toasting time which is kind a special because despite my many time experiences being a CM I have never asked to participate in the toasting ceremony. The food was delicious especially the roast duck, meat is so tender that feels like eating a harden version of liver pate. I also like the stir fried asparagus with  scallops as the asparagus is the biggest asparagus I have ever eaten in my entire life. Also not to forget the desert, yam paste in sweet corn soup. Something different from what Chinese wedding serve but I must say – its delicious!

After the luncheon I head to Muar together with CL, her husband and baby and maid, Lilian and TT. We stayed a night at Muar at CL’s husband’s parent’s house 🙂 It is a huge old style bungalow with 13 rooms! We went for dinner with the parents and call it an early night as we were all exhausted. The next day we went for breakfast and had some of Muar specialty then went to buy some of Muar’s famous products – Otak otak and cookies. I reach Klang around 1730 feeling tired and happy because i really miss my own bed. Overall this is a great trip as i got to spend times with my friends and also happy that Lilie have found the love of her life.

♥ Happy marriage to Alvin & Lilie ♥

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