9 Most Annoying Types of People on Facebook Part III


Yup, we always come across these type of people in FB. They will post up angry comments specific towards someone without name being mentioned. Personally I think this is not an wise act as #1  some times we can ‘ actually’ guess who is the person that being ‘mentioned’ and imagine where this person to put his/her “face” at?#2  somehow it will give the impression that you are an angry ball that full of negative frustration in life and has no guts to confront the person face-to-face.

If want to do this, might as all go all the way out and have the person’s name mention. Be bold and straight forward, the receiving end will know it and the rest will have better picture of what’s going on. Heard of curiosity kill the cat?

This is definitely one of the top annoying behavior on FB. I some times get friend’s request from friends back in high school or some long lost friends, the thing is I can’t remember their name (some don’t even use their real name on FB) and I hope that their profile picture will give me some clue. Can you imagine how annoying it is when all you can see is babies pictures?  I know you love your children very much but please your baby is not you.  How am i suppose to remember you when all i can see is your baby’s picture? I am suppose to have the super skills to recognize you from the “mini” you? Or to identify traces of your gene in your baby and remember who you are?

Which also lead to another phenomena, babies photos!!!!!!!! At my age, many of my friends are in reproducing stage which is good to help to keep us human race exist. Few years back my FB is full of wedding photos, many with me being tag inside. Its always good to know who have move forward in life and got married. So after the wedding craze, now its the baby time. It is pretty exciting at first, I am happy for them and babies are cute. But after the daily dose of baby pictures of the same baby in 946593 similar position in a single day, please forgive me if I said I am bored. I do understand that parents love their baby especially new parents. But seriously who actually care to look at the 946593 pictures of the same baby with same out fit at the same place on the same day but different angle?

The thing with wedding is people move forward after wedding. No one look back at wedding photos or upload wedding photos again and again after the wedding. The case with baby photos however are very different, baby stay for long time and they grow. So we have the first smile (98589 pictures at different angle), first walk ( another 38569 pictures with different angle of course) and first tooth and first hair cut and first whatever ……….and the list goes on and on………………I like baby but in reality we only care so much for others baby compare to the parents. I also do understand the joy of sharing your happiness to the world but too much sharing tired up others.

To anti-climax, my friend SC decided to share photos (4863457 different with similar position) of her kitten that she adopted on FB! Perhaps I should share pictures of my plant on FB. Oh look……. my plant have a new leaf (375623 photos at different angle) !!!

I might be guilty as charged for this sin! I do organize events not many only 3286529 events per year, just kidding! Ok serious now, I do organize events for my friends, perhaps those who are not keen to join will feel that I am the crazy event coordinator whenever they receive the invitation. Normally i receive invitation for events from the groups I joined. No sweat, just click NO on the RSVP button. Oh ya I hate people who don’t RSVP but that is entirely another story.

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