Virgin? No Virgin?


Read on Chinese newspaper that a 29 year old Chinese guy is in a dilemma hence he write to “big brother’ to ask for help.

This is what he wrote: (Try my best to translate to English)

I am a 29 year old guy, recently  know this girl through friend. We have been dating for few months and one day she text me and ask me not to love her anymore. I was shocked and call her to ask her whats is wrong. She told me that she is not a VIRGIN and my heart felt like being stab by knife. I was very shocked to know about this as i never thought that she is this kind of girl.  She said she slept with her ex-boyfriend twice, not that she want to but her ex make her to do it. I can’t believe she is this kind of girl , can anyone of you tell me what to do?

I think something is very wrong here. Why is a woman being judge by her virginity? A piece of thin membrane determine what KIND of girl a person is?

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