One hell of a CNY


This Tiger year is one hell of a Chinese New Year celebration for me. First 7 days of CNY was great as I manage to meet up with some primary classmates and celebrated my birthday with some friends.

On the 8th Day, mom complain about stomach pain in the morning and she feels tired. By afternoon the pain is getting worst and we head to General Hospital’s ER. As usual the crowd is overwhelm and we have to wait in Q. It was a long wait and her pain is getting worst and she starts to vomit. I called Em’s mom who work as a Matron there and she came and help to expedite the whole process.

Mom was admitted to hospital that night itself for observation as they suspect she had appendicitis which is rare for her age. The next day she is confirmed for appendicitis and went for operation. She is doing pretty well after the surgery and was discharge the following day. But she was readmitted to hospital on the 3rd day after surgery as she keep on vomiting the whole night. The doctors manage to stop her vomiting but mom has not pass gas or pass motion for 4 days and they want to “open ” her up to see what is wrong inside.

The poor mom have to undergo another round of surgery. They found out that her lower bowel is stuck with a piece of imparted food particles aka harden feces. She was in the hospital for another week for observation after the 2nd surgery. In total she had spent 2 weeks in the hospital. She is doing pretty good for a person of her age and went through 2 surgeries in short time.

The only problem now is her wound, because she is a diabetic her wound is not healing properly and she need to go hospital everyday to change the wound dressing. This has been lasted for a month now and according to doctor perhaps another month or so. She is showing some progress but it is a slow process and apparently this is normal amongst diabetic patients

This whole incident is like a long night mare that I can’t wake up from. But we are thankful that everything turn out to be okay and soon life will be back to normal track. Also we are lucky in the sense that :

  • I have a very understand boss that allowed me to take leaves for days
  • Sean is on study break and he had been a great help. He will take the day shift at the hospital take care of my mom so that I can go back , do some housework and take nap.
  • We have Em’s mom who work in GH and has been a great help.
  • This whole thing happen in March as I will be away for a trip to Bangkok in April. If this happen later then I would have to cancel my trip.
  • Also we have friends that show a lot of support in helping with daily task.
  • And not to forget my friends that gave me moral support during the tough time. (Thanks BH for ready to come to accompany me @ hospital in the middle of Monday night during my mom’s surgery)

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