Birthday celebration


This post is a month late but what the heck………………

(Left to right: Brian, Anthony, Shirley, Melinda, Kent Haur, Jeannie, Edel, Jovy and Gerald)

This year’s birthday I had some great time celebrating with my bunch of primary friends, close friends and colleagues.

Me and my primary buddies went for a sing K session @ centro Klang and they all bought me a very delicious Black Forest Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe. This is their new creation and I must say this is one of the best cake that they have. I always love Black Forest and this cheese cake version simply have all the things I like ! Yummie !

Later that evening after the sing K session I went to Charmaine’s place for her baby full moon party. To my surprise they all brought me a cake as well !! 2 cakes in a day! They bought me a dark chocolate cake and Lyn’s boy was pretty excited as he always love to blow candles on cake.

This come as a surprise because I was eating outside the house and Lyn came and ask us to go in for a “discussion”. She sounded so serious and I keep asking her : What is it? What is it? Then once we were inside Lilian came out from the kitchen with the cake and everyone start singing birthday song. So wonderful of my chi muis to give me a surprise birthday.

I also got a very nice birthday lunch treat from BH. She bought me a very delicious Japanese lunch @ Kaori. I had so much of the creamy fat salmon sashimi that my tummy is so rounded after the lunch. Yum yum……………….

As for my colleagues, they all treat me and another February girl to lunch at La Bodega. We had tapas, pasta, seafood paella and Sangria!! Lucky no one was drunk and the food was delicious specially the cake – Red Velvet. the best in town I should say compare to others that I have tasted else where.

These bunch of nice creature bought me a skirt from Zara. At first look at the skirt I was thinking to myself: Oh Oh……. this is too small for me! But to my surprise the skirt fit nicely and actually make me look slimmer. Good job gals for the perfect size ! HAHAHHAha………..

It is good to surrounded by friends on this special day!

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