10 things I notice about men that make them uncool


I know this is a free world and everyone have the rights to dress up the way they like. Call me an old fashion but I still think that there are things that a men should not do.

My top 10 no no list for men:

1.Long finger nails ,worst is Long Pinky Nails !!! (Need I say more ?)

 2.Colored or highlighted hair ( Not many guy can carry colored/highlighted hair well, at times salt & pepper hair make you look sexy as well, think Richard Gere and George Clooney)

3. Wearing a gold chain (Reminds me of taiko)

  4.Wearing crystal beats bracelet (Too sissy and some how portrait to be a person of superstitions)

 5.Wearing pants that hang at the ankle (The length of pants should be over the ankle when you stand up straight, hem of pants that hang around ankle make you look hideous when walking)

 6.Wearing eye liner or mascara (Think David Tuterra, make me shiver every time see him on TV and you are NOT David Beckham so skip the eye liner please.)

 7.Carry a shoulder bag or hand bag (Unless you are a metrosexual that wear skinny pants and walk like girls and do not have an ounce of man-ness in you)

8.Carry mobile phone with a pouch attached to belt (That is so 90’s la, plus its bad for your kidney)

9.Greasy hair, be it natural (Din wash hair for days) or artificial (Use a tub of hair cream at one go untill the fly also cannot stand firm on your hair, plus God of Gamble hairstyle is way too 90s)

10.Carry girl friends hand bag as if it’s yous (Yah , its nice to help carry a lady’s handbag if she is busy or goes to toilet but please please do not carry it on your shoulder while walking around holding your other half like the hand bag belong to you instead of her. The whole picture is just SO WRONG)

5 responses »

    • gel is ok, i cannot tahan using hair cream !!!!!!!!!!
      i din see him doing no 8 ler.
      as for no 10, helping out is ok but you should see those guys carry handbag like his own and the gf is not carrying anything.

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