Bathing , Feeding, Changing


Lately my life been surrounded with baby issues. Not that I am having baby or anything close. It’s just that after weddings and weddings, now is the reproducing time. A couple of my close friends are having young babies, so without any choice I am sort of in the center of baby frenzy so to speak.

They are sharing the ups and downs of being new parents. Issues such as breast-feeding, confinement and staying up whole night just for feeding the baby. I like it particularly when they say:  Oh well, you will know when its your turn.

The truth is, I have gone through all that back then when I was a teenager. OK, not the breast feeding part but every other part of raising a baby. You see, my mother was a baby sitter. she have baby sit a number of babies or toddler back then, at least 6 – 7 till date.

The first kid that my mom baby sit was a toddler, she come to stay with us after her parents got divorced. it lasted for few years until we move out from KL. Then come on board the king of all time – Sean. Sean come to my house when he is 20 days old (cos the confinement lady left due to family issue) and officially stayed until he is 12 . Well, he still come to my house once or twice a week until today (even the parents stop paying us) cause he misses the nanny (funny that it come from a 18-year-old boy).

After that we have Brandon – the kid that always frawn ( he was abuse by the precious nanny before come on board) , then Brandon’s baby brother Liang Liang – the kid that need to go on diet at the age of 3 months old. all I remember about him is he eat a lot and poop a lot ! The last baby that come on board was Justin. Justin was the most adorable baby that we ever have , he always laugh/ smile. First thing in the morning, he will smile at me when I carry him out from the baby court without fail. Whenever he sees me or my mom he will smile. He also like Lady (my ex-dog) , he will laugh when Lady bark at him or sniff his tiny baby feet.Of course in between we also have few kids that come for a short period.

The point is, I have helped my mom baby sit all these babies/ kids at a young age. so I have gone through all the hardship of “raising” a baby at a very young age. When all my friends sleep through the night without any interruption, I have to wake up at wee hours to prepare formula for the baby, or even stay up most of the night if they get sick. Imagine waking up 2 am , stumble my way to the kitchen to prepare formula  cos my mom have to carry the crying baby, then get up at 6 am to go to school the next day. Or help my mom to baby sit them when she goes out to do marketing or run errands. I have to bathe them, feed them, change their diapers and make sure of their safety.

So when all my girl friends starting to fantasize  of having babies when we were younger, I think I am the only one who are not into all these. Well I do like babies and kids, they are so angelic and make my day but I also know that behind those angelic faces are evil faces as well. It’s really a lot of hard work in taking care of baby, being a mother is a 24 hours job.

And when my girls friend finally have babies and reality kicks in, they have realized that raising tiny human beings is not a rose tinted world. A lot of hard work and sacrifice is involved. All those sleepless nights, demanding cries, extra expenses and worries gonna stay for the next 18 years ! (OK i am exaggerating but you got the idea)

As for  yours truly who have gone through all the hard work of raising babies, I do not have the desire of repeating it for the time being.

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  1. Edel, when the bathing, feeding and changing routines evolves around your own baby, the feeling is totally different.. That’s why mommy like myself rant and complained bout sleepless night and unsettled baby crying whole night long, we still love the tiny baby much more…

    • yah i guess its different. Perhaps my view will change once i got my own baby.
      what i am trying to say is, i also gone through the sleepless nights. I am not new in this game la.

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