How they celebrate my departure


I left my previous company after staying there for three and a half years.

How do they celebrate my departure?

The day I left the company, all my colleagues got a SMS from the MD saying that : Effective today , our working hour will be officially changed to 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. It’s half and hour earlier then the usual working time when I was there. Come on………….. on the day i left ? Can’t they just do it starting a new week or a new month? Why have to be on the day I leave? Later I heard the reason is that for security purpose as they have lesser staff. so it’s dangerous if they stay late till 6.00pm.

Whao !! I did not know that I actually serve the purpose of giving them more security with my presents. Yah, I might be on the plum side (perhaps I look like a bouncer)  and learn a few karate kicks and chops but if anything happen I will definitely to be the first to run away using my short legs in high heels ! As if i can protect them , duh……… lame excuses.

This is still not the worst part. I found out few days ago that the company is giving out BONUS for year 2009. Yup freaking bonus that we did not receive for year 2008 BECAUSE THE COMPANY IS NOT MAKING MONEY !!!!!!!!!!! But the company is not making money for year 2009 either WTF !!!. The worst part I work there 11 months of the whole 2009 and I got nothing at all. Perhaps with lesser head count the company manage to pay out bonus using my portion? So you think this is the case? Well it will be if I’m earning 5 figures salary but yours truly is just earning a peanut wages that is the lowest among the staff. How can they do this to a staff that contributed a large chunk of the company’s 2009 revenue?

There is a way of looking at all these : The company is so happy that they finally get rid of the pain in the ass (you know who) that it’s worth to have a shorter working time and a bonus for celebration.

Oh well, what is pass should be left behind. Moving forward, I will find place that appreciate my talent and contributions (not to mention a price that too good to turn down :P).

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