Hair issue


I am having some hair issue. Well not about losing hair or something liddat.

After much perseverance and determination of staying away from hair saloon, the length of  my hair now have pass my shoulder and reach mid back. The last I have hair at such length was about 5 years ago. It’s nice to have hair at this length after all these years with short or super short hair style. But i am also having a small problem now.

I am the type that wash my hair on daily basis, so every morning I will wash my hair when shower before work. Then I will just let it air dry as I do not have the time to blow dry my hair. But with the air conditioned office, my hair tend to take along time to dry up.

Hence, I will look like a wet dog every morning when I go to work. By noon it’s semi dry, so I will look like a damp dog. My hair will only completely dry towards late afternoon. This is the time my hair look the best. It’s dry, fluff and bouncy with curls.

The problem is, it’s going back time, who the hell gonna see my perfect condition hair? I tried washing my hair at night, but after a night sleep my hair just become too wild to be presented to the outer world without earning me the nickname – siao po !

So it”s the same everyday now.

Morning – Wet Dog

Mid day – Damp Dog

Evening – Stunning hair ! (though Mic once said it lacks character)

Any solutions?

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