Test in life


Recently my friend share with me her story about friendship.

J has a close friend – A that she know since university days, they still keep in touch and see each other frequently after graduated from university. A got married last year, and J was invited to be one of the “ji mui’ for the morning wedding ceremony and J was happy to be part of it. A lives in Seremban which is not near to where J lives. On a’s wedding day, J and a bunch of girlfriends went to A’s house early in the morning to help out every thing that she can till the wedding is done.

And this year comes J’s turn to get married; she invited A to be part of the ‘ji mui’ team for the morning wedding ceremony where I was the team leader. To her disappointment, when we were to have out briefing for the wedding A always have excuses not to come. It’s either she is tired or no one to send her to J’s house. In the end she dint even turn up for the morning ceremony.

J told me that, you can only know who your true friend is when you needed help. Those that stick around when you are down and needed help is the one that truly appreciate you as her/his friend. Their friendships were put on tough test.

It is rather disappointing to discover that we have given our best to the person because we think that they are our friends, and we when needed help they just take it lightly.

I guess this is very comment in our life, through out our journey in life we bound to discover that not everyone is our true friends despite we think they are and we have given our best to be a true friend ourselves. Some people take friendship for granted, some people don’t need friends and some just don’t think it matters anyway. Like any other relationship, friendships need to be nurture and build as well. It’s a 2 way thing instead of one party giving and another accepting it.

I think time will tell us who our true friends are in the end of the day…..

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