Christmas Eve 2009


Its noon time on the eve of Christmas for 2009, I am finally able to sit down at my living room writing this after sweeping and mopping the floor.

My days have been pretty filled up for the pass 2 weeks. This year Christmas I and my buddies decided to have a pot luck party on the Christmas Eve at my place. Also my new office is having our very first office Christmas party this year as well. Hence I am tide up with all the presents shopping, grocery shopping and spring cleaning. I always have fun cooking, decorating and organizing gathering but with a new job it’s pretty tiring! Hahhahaha I guess another factor is also I have not been well lately.

So tonight is the party that I have been waiting since we decided to have it. This is just a small gathering with only few close friends and their husband and babies. Since this is a pot luck party, I do not need to do much. All I have to do is to whip up a dish or two. I am cooking my so call famous Chicken Mushroom Pie with Mash Potatoes Topping, yah it’s a improvise version of Sheppard’s pie but they just love it. I even cooked that for the office party and my colleagues love it as well.

Also I am helping Mic to cook Chicken Fajitas with Guacamole. As for the rest, we will have Roasted Chicken Wing and Salads from AM, roasted Vegetable and Brochette from Charmaine, Prawn Aglio Olio from Lian, Cake from Lyn, Tarts from Ting and Ribenna Lemon Frizz from Jeannie. Thinking about the food makes me hungry already! Oh ya, Sean said he’s bringing FRIED EGG! We shall see…………..

Everything is in place now, the tree is up and the lights are working fine, presents are wrapped and waiting under the tree, dishes and cutlery is cleaned and drying at the kitchen top, all I need to do now is to cook but that can wait, it’s still early. Perhaps I can take a nap first!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays all!

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