Wish List ……..


“really expensive presents for edel for christmas”

This is the phrase that appear on my top search for my blog. Wonder who is the lucky “edel” as i know it is definitely not this “edel” !

But if is for this “edel” then of course the list is endless.  I especially like the word REALLY EXPENSIVE which mean the present must be beyond expensive. what could it be to be really expensive for me?

For  a moderate girl like me (ahem…..) there are so many things that are really expensive in my dictionary. But for this Christmas i shall let Santa know what is my wish list for REALLY expensive presents.

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year,

  1. I give way to those drivers that give signal before cutting into my lane,
  2. I cut down on the usage of plastic bags, tissues papers and electricity,
  3. I buy my mom things that she wants (almost),
  4. I try my best to tolerate unreasonable attitude (i did my best already but promise to improve next year),
  5. I drive Sean all the way to One Utama So that he can go on a date with his gf and gave him RM 50 for his prom night.

For all the good things that I have done (and promise to do more next year) please pick one of the present listed below for this Christmas . If you decided to give me the mini cooper just drop it at the car porch next to my humble Viva, as for the travel package it would be good if it is for 2 person cause traveling alone is no fun for me. The rest of the presents you can just drop it in the RED BIG SOCKS that I hang at the door way. Oh, btw just to let you know , i am wearing a size 8 so don’t get the size wrong , love ya Santa.

My wish list

A pair of heels from Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik or Stuard Weitzman.

A designer bag from Loewe, Hermes, Fendi or any from that category.

A vintage ring  that  shines until it make a human lost his/her sight for seconds by looking at it (read HUGE bling).

A luxury 3 weeks travel package to Europe.

A RED color Mini Cooper (See how moderate i am, only asking for small car instead of luxury sedan).

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