Shoes size


I realise something weird lately. I remembered that I used to wear size 6 for Vincci shoes few years back when they started their business.
Then later I can no longer fit into size 6 anymore, so size 7 is the perfect fit for me.
Nowadays I realise all my shoes from Vincci is size 8!
It’s either they are making the shoes smaller size or my feet is getting bigger. Yup, it’s blardy size 8, i know i know….. my feet is a tad too big for my height but hey, that is the reason i can stand firmly on ground!

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  1. bying, back in “those” day where we shop together in Vincci, I already wearing 8 and u wore size 7.. now that i consistently wearing 9, so no surprise u wear 8…. heheheh but hor, i already gave birth to 2 boys…hmeans my feet doesn’t grow? or u somehow “gain” weight on ur feet?? :LOL

  2. what???? now i can tell people i gain weight from head to toe liao hahhahahha……….
    i still remember our wild shoes shopping days, walk up & down petaing street just to find shoes for choir competition.
    I heard tales about bigger feet after giving birth, looks like it’s not true and i am relief 🙂

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