One week milestone


It’s offically a week since i report work to the new company.

How do i feel ?

I still need time to adapt to the new environment. Things are very different here compare to my previosu company.The culture here is as long as you can deliver they do not care how you do it. We were given free hand in doing our work with minimal supervision.

Unlike the previous company, everything have to go by the book, there are so many rules to follow and every single thing have to be reported to superior. We have to clock in at 8.30am and only go back at 6.00pm.

The best part about this new company is the flexi working hours. Most of the staff comes in after 10.30am even the official office hour is 9am. Same goes to go back time, one can go back anytime as long as by end of the day works are done. This practice helps a lot in avoiding the traffic madness. Even we were given a lot of freedom but it also mean by the end of the day the management expect the same return in terms of work performace.

I guess i am settling in pretty well so far, just that sometimes i get a bit lonely as most of the time the office is empty due to the nature of the business. I wish there are more people around.




About edeltwong

Edel enjoy good food and good laughs with friends & family. She likes bright colors and RED is her favorite. She is vain and thinks that she is an artificial beauty. She needs more friends and parties !

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