I’m leaving my current company after working here for 3.5 years. It’s my longest job till date. 3.5 years is not a long time but I guess it is long enough for me to be with this company. It’s time to move on with my career life.

I am excited and happy to move on but as a human being I do felt heavy hearted despite everything. I have my happy and sad moments in this company. I have leant a lot from this company, not only about job experience but also about life. 

The biggest gain? I would say is lesson in human relationship. I have met all sort of human being in this company that I think I will not meet some where else. They are so unique that I can even write a book if I have to tell each of every one of them in details. I have met people who had broke my trust, spirit and confidence; I also meet people who are truly nice to me. But I guess they are the one who add colors to my life and taught me lessons in life. Of course it doesn’t mean i will not fall for lies anymore but for sure I am more careful with people now.

I learn the hard way to realize that there are many type of human being and I have seen the ugly side of human nature. But then this also the place where I found a true friend, a friend that is truthful and sincere.

Milestones achieved during the pass 3.5 years:

I got my first promotion and first pay raise in this company, I still keep the photo copy of my first pay check after the salary increment! (Yah my last 2 job got no promotion or increment, sad ler?)

I got my first car and learn to drive. (yah i know it’s a bit late for my age)

I gain blardy 7 kgs in weight #$^%#$^@! (i need to loose weight stat)

I found a true friend! (bestest thing that happened)

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