To go fast or to go slow?


My driving experience is pretty short, it’s only slightly more than 2 years (in view I’m in my late 20s). But i must say i am kind an impatient when it come to driving.

My pet peeve would be i hate it when people drive at 60kmp – 80 kmp on the middle lane on a high way. It’s not so bad if the road is clear, but it really get under my skin when its a working morning where traffic is heavy.

Imagine this, a car in front of you going at 60kmp with no car in front of it. Behind you is a long queue and the car on the right lane is speeding like F1 racing circuit which make my little Viva incompatible for that kind of speed.

Yah, i know that speed is within the law and the person have not done anything wrong but can’t they be more considerate and move to the left lane?

Over the weekend i met with J & B. We talked about the driving habits of Malaysian and i told them about this. We have some interesting conversation about it.

B: What is your speed driving on the middle lane?

Edel: 100kmp – 110kmp lor.

B: why do you have to driving so fast on the middle lane?

J: cos her car cannot fight those on the right lane ma…….. hahahahha

Edel: yah yah, J really know me, if  I’m driving a BMW then i will always on the right lane!

B: you are rushing is it?

Edel: no ar……..

B: why do you have to drive so fast when you can go slow?

Edel: why do you have to go slow when you can go fast?

Hmmm……………… this is like the chicken and egg question.

p/s: B is a save driver, he is so relax when it come to driving and i hardly see him speeding.

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