Clicked Together – gether


I realize few interesting facts during the speed dating.


No 1.

Everyone is so focus on the main task – finding a date! That they have no intention to make new friends of the same sex. Well come on, we are in a small space for 3.5 hours and sitting quite near to each other and rub shoulders at the buffet table. Can’t they just even give me a smile? I tried to make conversation and smile to other ladies there but all I got is a blank face. Strange, do they see me as one of the competitor? Or they are just there for one purpose and only one purpose?



Many of the guys are not virgin speed daters, meaning they have been doing it many times. Maybe that is the same case with the ladies there but due to reason no 1, this piece of info is unable to be verified. Looks like a lot of singles are doing it these days; I personally think this is a great way to meet people out of your circle of friends.



I think 90% of the guys did this speed dating in a very discreet manner. Most of them told me that they have not tell any single soul about attending a speed dating event. Even if their friend /colleagues/family tells them about it they will just pretend that they have not heard about it before.  Could this due to “male gentle ego” issue? Contradict to the guys’ discreet manner, most girls come in pairs. Like me, I practically told the whole world and even blog about it.


No. 4

Talking to 15 strangers’ non stop for 7 minutes each is a very tiring task. Before the event BE ask me: Have you thought of what to ask/talk about during the meeting? Me: Didn’t think much about it, I guess it’s not that hard right? In view I am so talkative. And boy I was so wrong. I am meeting people from very different back ground with different character. For some, the time flies without realizing it, and for some is so hard to hold on to the conversation. Note to self – talking to some is just not their strong point and do not underestimate the power of silence!


Overall I think speed dating is fun. This is a great way to meet new people. And it is good to know all these people have the same goal – to find a date! So it actually saves all the hassle of the guessing game.


A piece of advice to whoever that is reading this and jumping to go for speed dating, be prepared to be disappointed and be armed with high self appreciation confidence (which I am totally over loaded with LOL). You might have chosen several potential dates but in return you got low score in matches. Don’t get your spirit dented, like the saying goes – all you need is THE ONE!


So yah, I might do this again but if I do go again, it will be an older age group and hopefully I have more stories to tell. 


p/s: B (you know who you are) – faster go register and go go go!

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  1. you really can write la Edel, was really amused reading your blog 😉

    Agree with “the power of silence” part. heheh..yayaya the ladies so hostile, me too tried to smile but got a blank face too!

    It’s so right all needed is just “the One”. Good spirit, keep it going, hope Cupid strikes very soon!! 🙂

    click-together, totally recommended!

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