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Short talk: 24 views for yesterday, I guess many is waiting for the posting about the speed dating eh?



A day to remember as on this day I did something that I have not done before in my entire life – I went for a Speed dating !

After all the fuss about what to wear, the day finally arrived!

Me and BE reach there 5 minutes before 6.00pm and went to register ourselves with the host. We were asked to sign a declaration form and then were seated at a corner while waiting for others to arrive.

The event started at 6.30pm where each of us is seated in pairs according to our registration number.  Then the host gave a welcome speech and also explains to us how things work.

Ladies will remain seated the whole night and guys will switch table every 7 minutes (usually is 10 minutes but we have a larger crowd for this session hence the shorter time) when the host rings the bell.

Each of us is given 2 pieces of papers, one is a note which contains basic information of the other gender i.e. height, weight, hobbies, age and occupation. Another piece of papers is a score card, they have yes or no columns next to list of names for you to tick whether you are keen to meet up again in future after this speed dating.

During the event, no contact info is to be exchanged among the “daters”.  By the end of the night, the host will collect the score card and match accordingly. If both party tick each other then…. wahlah… You’ve got a match! The next day, each of the “daters” will receive SMS conceive of contact numbers of the match and also the number of people that tick you.

An example – Me tick 6 guys out of 15 guys, and 6 guys have ticked me as well. But I got only 2 matches as another 4 guys who have tick me is not the one I have tick! Got it?


p/s: Will tell more about the events and my encounter on the next post.

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