Beauty come with a price


There is a saying – There are no ugly woman, just lazy woman.

I disagree.

The saying should be – There are no ugly woman, only POOR woman. 


When i went for my slimming treatments , every woman that i bump into at the centre are all slimmer then me (bear in mind i am not a giant size woman). Some are so slim that another few kgs they shed, they will be drain away thru the drain holes in the shower.

So you say : what the hell they doing there then? 

They are there to maintain their slim figure, to firm up the already cute little firm butt and to get rid of the almost not there celulite ! This myth is confirmed by one of my friends who have friends visiting slimming centre on a regular basis to maintain body shape. These people are not even close to the word ‘ plum’ and never been plum in their life but they are paying big bucks to stay pretty.

So every slim and pretty figure  that is walking on the street have a secret behind their beauty.

To be able to look beautiful a woman have to invest a fortune on cosmetics, facial treatment, slimming treatment, pedi and mani, waxing, hair treatment, clothes, shoes and the list go on and on……….Just like all the starlet that shines at the red carpet events, they don’t just shower and change to a dress and wah la……….. a star is born!!!

Days before the event they already starts to get prepare by visiting beauty parlour for hair and facial treatment, follow by a full body spa which include scrubs and massage to get that healthy glow.

On the actual day, they will have to get their nails buff and paint. Then get the hair done and follow up by a make up done by professional artist (my male friend refer that as ICI painting). Some even glitterred their body(which make then glow from every single angle for the camera).

No wonder all red carpet events are held in the night, must be so that the ladies have time to get ready. Ha !

Alot of $$$ and time is needed for a woman to look beautiful. It is definately not an easy task. My mom always say – wait till you married and have children, then you tell me about manicure.

Lets not even get to the drastic measure to look good – plastic surgery!

So guys out there, the next time when you drool over a girl at a party please bear in mind how much she have spend to look drop dead gorgous. Think twice before you make your move ! hehhehehehe……

Another thing, keep an close eye to the bag/purse she is caring – that one is the killing one (do you know a Birkin bag from Hermes cost RM 25k and above?). So its time to check out what does LV, DKNY, D&G, CD stands for.

It might save you some agony in the future.

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