Stages in life…..


I am having strange feeling now………………


I can’t actually put in place what my feeling now is.


This morning I accept a phone call from C to share with me good news. A baby is on the way in another 7 months!!! (5th for the gang)

 mother & baby

This is not the first time my friend is having baby. It’s just that I need time for the news to sink into my mind. I still remember the first time AM told me she is expecting, I am really excited for her and yet feel unbelievable.


These are friends that grow up together with me. We had gone thru puberty together and into adulthood and in a blink of an eye they are moving into motherhood. It is rather a strange feeling. Knowing that they will one day be mothers and actually experiencing they are expecting is two very different feeling. Buddies that go to school, hang out and shopping with me is suddenly moving into another phase in life. They are facing huge responsibilities in life that I won’t understand.


I am really exciting for all my friends who are new parents or soon to be parents. But at the same time I also know that things will be different now. Pregnancy and babies will be the main topics of our conversation. Gathering will be tougher to organize. Shopping and movies will be history.  


Seeing my friends moving into another phase of life makes me felt a bit left out. It’s not that I want to move into the same phase of life just like them and become a mother. It’s just that we are in different phase now and I will not understand a lot of things that they are facing. It’s no longer I can feel what they felt as we are different now.


I guess motherhood is something great; it’s just that it’s something I don’t understand for the time being.


But never the less I am truly happy that my friends are mothers now and I am also happy with myself now.


 Perhaps I need some new friends just in case 🙂

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  1. bying… C’s preggy can put some pressure on N to board the train ASAP!! I am hoping for more mama n b abies!!!!!!!!! then my little M can really be tai kor! hahahahahaha

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