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Short talk:  Fuyoh…………… I make it to 100th post!!!


It is a FACT that I need to loose weight!!!


During the course of my life, I had tried many methods including the Vege Soup Diet but failed miserably. Of course there are few that actually show some results but so far have yet to find a good solution that proves to be workable for me. (I think the failure partially is cause my love towards food a.k.a Tam Jia)


 What I am going to share might be a taboo for many ladies out there.


 I bump into an old schoolmate and to my amazement she looks good without the extra 10kgs that she used to carry around. So I ask her, how she manage to loose the extra pounds since I am dying to do so too. She told me that she starts to eat right, exercise and with the help of a MLM products.


 Not long after that someone told me she visited a slimming saloon and spend a good 10 grand to loose the 10kgs. Aiyoh………. Go slimming center ma go slimming center lor, need to cover cover mer? Come on…………. Don’t tell me you suddenly drop 10kg is because you eat right and starts to exercise. If by doing so can loose weight then those slimming center will not blooming all over town s like mushrooms growing after a rainy day. (woman’s $$ is easy to earn)



Okayyyy…… back to my story.


 Yesterday my colleague intercom me and tell me a slimming center got promo for free trial and ask me whether interested to check it out since she will go for her slimming treatment after work. Since that I got “kaki” with me, so I also follow her to see what it is like. I have never gone for a slimming treatment before (cause very expensive and I am a poor girl).


 I was greeted by a consultant name Ivy. First Ivy ask me to take off my clothes (underwear still on) and change into a sarong. Then she led me to a room that is full of mirrors and starts to measure my height, weight and body fats.  After jotting down the numbers she starts to show me how imperfect is my body and how the treatment can improve my imperfections.


 I was then being led to a room with a “Canggih” looking machine by a therapist. She then instructs me to lay facing down on the bed and starts to apply a cream on my shoulders and back. She then uses the machine with a hose which very much looks like a vacuum to “suck” and massage my shoulders and back.


 How do I feel?



Freaking #@%$^!#$ PAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 I am a person with high tolerance towards pain but when she massages my body, all I can feel is pain. And the worst part is when she massages my side, aiyoh………. pain and ticklish. This is definitely a torturous feeling.


 Imagine this, your face is all wrinkled up because of the pain and at the same time your mouth is turning upwards wanting to laugh but you try not to. So if next time you hear: ouch…….hahahhaha ouch ahhaha  ouch ouch hahahah……… then you know what happen la. I think only a person who went thru this can understand the feeling.


 After 10 minutes of sucking and massaging my back, to my relief the machine stops. I was asked to turn and lay on my back. Then she starts the process again on my tummy. By the time she is done I was sweating and have bruises my back and tummy. The whole process only took about 20 mins but it did feels like eternity.


 Even now while I am wring this, my body still feels a bit sore and the bruises won’t go away for another few more days.


 I have heard tales about how torturing a slimming treatment is but I never imagine it to be so painful. I guess beauty come with a price.


 Then again for the sake of beauty, many women still are willing to go thru the torturous and expensive process to achieve a slimmer figure.  



I guess like the saying goes: 减肥是女人一生的事业!


Happy Loosing Weight !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. aiyor, byin, not every slimming centre treatment so torturing one lr… maybe they think u r such outspoken person, tat u can take great pain and have great determination to take on tat kind of torture le!! hahhaha
    welcome me into your kiam pui gang after my confinement……hope breastfeeding helps sheds off caloories too…

  2. this is my virgin experience with a slimming center ler, i was shocked that its so painful. Maybe others have other methods that is less painfull la hhahha.
    with 2 boys in your care, i think you will lsim no matter what la hahahahah………..

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