aiyah………….. still about wedding la.


Short talk: The reason I am blogging this post is for the sake of my friend in the far far far away land called – UK.


This would be one of the best weddings that I have attended so far! The matrimony of Jonathan Yeo & Jeannie Chong !


I was informed about this wedding many months ago and I am honored to be able to be part of the wedding. Jeannie and I have had several detailed discussion regarding the whole flow of the wedding weeks ahead. I must say with the support of all the ji muis and heng dais this is one of the least kelam –kabut wedding I ever run before. Bravo to all……………..


The day start with Jie Xin Niang ceremony,  where the Ji Muis had prepared the game  ala  Amazing Race. There are 5 stages of game. Started with the Limbo Rock , whoever failed have to get their leg wax( some how this is not torturing enough, maybe next time use duck tape). We manage to wax only 3 legs, not a big accomplishment.


The next stage is call The Road Block, where the HDs have to pass the seaweeds using lips from one end to another. This is the most hilarious part. Seeing them kissing each other so passionately until need to close eyes and holding each others neck! Beh Tahan !

(I asked B (the HD) what is the feeling kissing a guy, he says : very stubby ! ) I guess this is a new experience for them, also now they know how the girls feel kissing guys with all the misai and janggut la.


The 3rd round is Detour, where they have to choose between red or green apples and they have to finish the 2 frozen

apples. We made a mistake by taking the apple out from the freezer too early. If not sure a nice view to see them chewing on frozen apples.


Then follow by the language test, where the groom has to say “I Love You’ in 10 different languages to the bride. Where he failed of course. The last stop was to declare his love to Jeannie and signed the LDA (Love Declaration Agreement) !


Overall this is a good game, as we Ji Muis all manage to get RM 70 per person and this break my record! Thanks Jon ! We all JMs Love you and the HDs ! ahhahahaahahha The most important part is we had a good laugh, din’t we?


After the game I manage to talk to one of the HDs, he claim that they were unable to sleep the night before and went to toilet many times because too worried and kan jiong. It never occurs to me before that the HDs actually will get worried of what will happen during the ceremony. For I always think they will only plan how to tackle the JMs “evil” plan.


After the game is the usual process, cham Cha for the family then of we go to USJ.


Dinner was good as well, somehow it is very manageable. There is no sudden show up for missing names on the name list. I must say Jeannie had prepared a very good name list. ( need a sample ? go ask from her la)


The MC for the night is Mevis and Koh Pek, they were darn nervous the whole day. The moral of the story, never ever be the emcee unless you have the confidents. Yes, I was running around during the night to settles things but at least my heart beats at a normal rate.


We the JMs and HDs had a surprise for the couple during the dinner. I represent the JMs and Brandon represents the HDs. We each give a short speech about the couple and follow by a poem. Below is the poem. Nothing fancy, just a short one.



My dear friend


As we walk our path of life,

We meet different people everyday.

Most are met simply by chance,

But, some are sent our way.


They come into our life,

With bond we can’t explain;

The ones who understand us,

They share our joy and pain.


Our friendship contains no boundaries.

So, even we are far apart,

We are close at hearts.

Our friendship is silent yet strong.


Today Jonathan & Jeannie start a new journey in life,

United as one as husband and wife.

We are happy they found each other,

For love will always be in their hearts.




About edeltwong

Edel enjoy good food and good laughs with friends & family. She likes bright colors and RED is her favorite. She is vain and thinks that she is an artificial beauty. She needs more friends and parties !

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  1. Wow…. thanks for this post…. read it over at FB before…

    Well… it’s the beginning to another whole new journey…

    great to have you (and all your guts on stage…!) around for the whole day on one of the most important day of my life!


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