Primary Gathering 2008 @ Manhattan Fish Market


Phew………………2008 年小学同学会终于圆满结束了而我也松了一口气。


I was kind a worried that only few will show up but this round we have 181_374020191l people that attended the reunion which is better then last year 13 people. And we actually aim to go for 30 people to show up next year. (A bit too ambitious I think hahhahah)  


Overall we had a great time; it is good to catch up with some that I did not see since primary 6 like Mei Chin, Ei Lin, Ai Leng and Hang Khume. Still the same but bigger version hahahaha…. Ei Lin is a mother alreadImage032y, her little prince is 3 months old now and she had moved to Kulai. 


My class sitting neighbor back then – Chee Khuen Image029 is now working inSingapore

and he is fairer now. But still the same guy who don’t talk much. Good to see you again my JIRAN……….. I am sure I brought back a lot of GOOD memory for you right? Hahahah


Aik Yong is getting married this July, he brought us his hand made “red bomb” ! Image030 I guess moving forward there will be many more people getting married. In the queue is Ai Leng. The one that everyone is asking is the “green blossom bamboo horse” couple, swee keng and wah fong.


Boon eng is still the same ever pretty and smart, she has moved back to Klang from penang which mean more opportunity to meet up with her.

Hang Khume came all the way from Singapore, and he is still so skinny just like back then. Good to see you friend.  Sorry about the kelam-kabut that cause you to canceled and rebook ticket to come back.

Ai May, Sze Ping, Belle and Swee Keng is still the same, stunning as Image031ever. Ai May is a wife now but she still remain the same( quoted from Soon Yau).

to be continue………………

About edeltwong

Edel enjoy good food and good laughs with friends & family. She likes bright colors and RED is her favorite. She is vain and thinks that she is an artificial beauty. She needs more friends and parties !

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