Our neighbour need to use the toilet !


Today i reach office earlier then usual – 7.15a.m and i know the office will be open around 7.40am. So i decided to sit in the car and read a mag.

I am not feeling good actually, my intestine is doing a minor somersault but i just ignore it. Then it become a bit unbearable and i need a toilet ASAP but there is still no sign of her person who suppose to open the door. So i just try my best to ignore the pain.

Then at 7.35am i decided to go up to my office and check out whether the office is open. Bad luck…. It’s not open. So i just stand outside and wait for her to come. She normally come around 7.40am and still no sign of her at 7.50am.

The pain is getting unbearable and i am starting to sweat………. I NEED the toilet NOW !!! I am looking at next door and thinking….should i use their toilet? but then it’s to embarrassing la.

Then a lady from the next door office came out and saw me.

Lady: Waiting for your colleague?

Me: yeah! they are not here yet.

Lady: why don’t you go to the restaurant to have a drink.

Me:well……. i need to use the toilet. I’ll just wait here.

Lady:oh… you can use our toilet.

Me: can i? thanks alot.

So she let me in her office and make a LOUD announcement to her colleagues : Our neighbor need to use the toilet !

And everyone look at my direction, it’s like suddenly i am on a stage and the spot light is focus on me ! The worst part? They know i have a upset tummy.

Lucky the cute guy is not around………. or else…..

About edeltwong

Edel enjoy good food and good laughs with friends & family. She likes bright colors and RED is her favorite. She is vain and thinks that she is an artificial beauty. She needs more friends and parties !

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