Me Driving…………….


I guess I am happy too early. After complete my driving lessons, I have tried to drive my car around the neighbor hood and also take my mom to hypermarket. Let’s see how many mistakes I have done so far:

1. I forgot to release my hand break the first time I drive my car. No wonder my car is not moving when I release the break. 😛

2. I almost knock into the car parked in front of me when I try to park my car at the hypermarket car park. Lucky I manage to step at the break fast enough. Phew !

3. I forgot to turn on my head lights when I drive to AM house at 6.15 A.M ! Lucky I still manage to reach her house safely.

So far that’s all I can remember and I count myself lucky so far. Also I feel that I am not so confident while driving alone.

Like this morning I drive to AM house to pick her and I was very tension during the drive. And she don’t have a strong heart so she decided to drive me to Mid Valley instead and also back. Another reason is also it was raining heavily this morning.

Don’t have much confident in me eh???

Seriously I am not so sure I will be able to drive to work next week like I have planed. I wonder how long I need to be able to drive in the crazy condition of the famous Malaysian traffic.


About edeltwong

Edel enjoy good food and good laughs with friends & family. She likes bright colors and RED is her favorite. She is vain and thinks that she is an artificial beauty. She needs more friends and parties !

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