This essay get me into trouble


I was going through my PC over the weekend, to clean out old files and thing…. and i came across an essay i wrote during my form 6 years.

thru out my entire schooling years i was NEVER called to the head master’s office. I was a very obedient and nice student hahahahah and this essay actually break my record. I was called to the Head Master office for a chat. Duh !

Here is the essay, don’t laugh so hard watch out for your jaw. I was young back then ok. 

If I could would buy ACS.There are many things I want to change about ACS.First I would rebuild some of the blocks. The block where the laboratory situated will be torn down and will be replace with a four story high building. There will be more laboratories and the laboratory will be well equipped. More classrooms will be built too so that student’s don’t have to study in places which is not suitable such as the hall and laboratory. Then I would builds more toilets for boys and girls and have mirrors in it.I would also equip the hall and staffroom with air-comditiones.All the old chairs and tables will be replaced with new ones and there will always more then enough for everyone.So that students don’t have to ‘hunt’ for tables and chairs anymore.

After improving all the facilities I would change the school’s administrasion. I would sack all the teachers who don’t enter class or are rude to everyone. I would also put some teachers who have attitude problem under probation. At the same time I would give a raise to those teachers who are really dedicated to their job and polite at the same time. I would change some of the school rules too.student should be allowed to have any hairstyle or colour they want and uniform is ‘out’. Girl students should allow to wear shorts during outdoor activities at school.

To improve the quality of student .I would change the present syllabus to something which is more effective. The teaching method will be changeed. More outdoor activities and practical will be introduced. Student would be encouraged to choose the subject they like. Students can attend different classes for different subjects instead of sitting in the same room all day long.

Lastly would approve all the activities which are banned by the school such as prom night. A really grand prom night will be held every year and everyone will dress up nicely and dance all night long. Prom queen and king will be elected every year. Students will have their own radio station in school and all kinds of songs can be played. I would turn school into a fun place for learning so that no one will skip school anymore.

About edeltwong

Edel enjoy good food and good laughs with friends & family. She likes bright colors and RED is her favorite. She is vain and thinks that she is an artificial beauty. She needs more friends and parties !

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