TOooooooooooo Much !


Too mush information is not a good thing !

There are some truth to this sentence to some extent. I am not sure how much should a person reveal about oneself to another party on the 1st meeting .

I meet this lady few days back, it’s a friend of a friend. Let’s call her F. I was at a restaurant with my friend to have dinner and coincidently my friend is there with F. So we sit down in a same table for dinner.

Within 2 hours of time, i pratically know that

1. how many man go after her and all the so call interesting stories.

2. her phobia of hearing the 3 words— I LOVE YOU

3. she have allergies to COFFEE, MILK and something something….

4. her blurness in relationship

I am like…. hello ! i am not there to listen to all you love stories ok ! Well i dunno, for me i don’t have a very good impression of her. i mean she keep on talking none stop about herself and herself and herself only.

And this remind me of someone i meet quite some time ago… Let’s call her S. I meet S thru work, she is a client of mine. We always deal with each other thru phone all the time.

And suddenly out of the blue she invite me out for lunch, for courtesy sake i went out with a friend to meet her. During the lunch meeting, she actually told me that she just got dumb by her boss a.k.a boyfriend!

Then my mini night mare starts, she would call me during working hours to grive over the break off, and ask me out for lunch to listen to her sob story.

She keep on asking me all about relationship, why is it like this , why is it like that. At first i felt pity for her ( well every break up is hurtful ok ) then after all the none stop negative thinking from her. I had enough and get really irritated.

I stop picking up her calls and ask my boss to say i am not around whenver she call. And thank God she change job not long after.

So back to the topic, how much should we tell a person that we first meet about ourself?

About edeltwong

Edel enjoy good food and good laughs with friends & family. She likes bright colors and RED is her favorite. She is vain and thinks that she is an artificial beauty. She needs more friends and parties !

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