Get hOOked again?!


I’ve known SY since i was in primary 5, he’s a very quiet person back then . Hardly spoke to him but then we got closed when we were in  form 4 or 5. Always hang out at mamak and go for pooling with few other friends……

Well he looks like an ordinary guy from outside, but for those who play ICQ during the early year 2000 then you might know him, his nick name is BOBOCACA and he’s a well known BUAYA KING ! A smooth talker he is !

Well now he’s in UK doing his Master degree in E & E engineering( very intelligent guy wor), so before he flew of i gave him a call ….

i said to him:  hey friend, all the best wor….. hope you enjoy there and kao a ‘kam si mao’ back ya !

He’s laughting and tell me: hahahah ok ok but now my GF beside me, you said like that no good ler …

I said: huh?! GF?!?! since when you got a GF?

SY said: er…. you don’t know ar?

Of course i don’t know la friend! it’s only during CNY you told me that you are single again, and now you are attached again? i really SALUTE you la….i can never live my life like you ……long live the BUAYA KING!

About edeltwong

Edel enjoy good food and good laughs with friends & family. She likes bright colors and RED is her favorite. She is vain and thinks that she is an artificial beauty. She needs more friends and parties !

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  1. wow wow wow. You wrote a blog on me. ha.

    but. u hor, u promised to come meet up with me b4 my flight. But end up with a call only, moreover, I was in Eason concert. ka ka cau cau only 😛 I’ve never buaya* you, have I? keke. I so famous in Convent 1 meh. Those were the days. Now old already, really dunno how to buaya on internet. Now just use internet to read newspaper like ah pek.

    Yea. Take this oppurtunity to tell everybody that, I’m doing fine in UK now. I’m still reachable on my msia phone number, drop me a sms to me anytime, the additional charge will be on my bill ( but dont call me har)

    *buaya is only flowery mouth on net, no actually kao girl.

  2. very the ‘kam dong’ ler? have anyone ever wrote a blog about you? no ler…. well this make up for the din meet up with you before you fly off lor…
    i know you too long to take all your buaya words la…. don’t work on me la hahahah anyway…do write to me when you need someone to write to hahahha… have fun there.

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