Simba’s journal


Life has been good as long as I remember, well I was told that I almost die under some street dogs claws however I was too young to recall the incident.

During childhood I had strict masters where at one point I almost had mental melt down. I keep on vomiting and the vet said I was under too much stress and things got better after that. They do care for me deeply, they bought me a huge cage, nice scratch pole, carrier and feed me nice food.  I told you I had good life isn’t it?

Before I turn one (human life) I was sent away as my old masters are welcoming a baby and having a cat in the house with bay is not an option. I was sent to new masters, a mother daughter combo who live in a double story link house. The mother is kind a scary at times as she will wave the cane at me and shout at me but she also ensure I always have my food and cleans my sand box. The daughter on the other hand is a different story, she is the one who spoils me to the max and I like to lie on her stomach when she lie down on the couch.

Ok back to my  life, as a house cat I am not allowed to go out but I can’t complaint much specially I see my street buddies running for covers when its raining while I lie on my mattress or see them going through garbage to seek for food while I am eating cat biscuits and canned fish. I do envy the freedom they had but on second though it better to stay in the house and not get dirty like them.

Talk about cleanliness, I hate it when they shower me and make me smells like a wimp with the perfumed shampoo or cut my nails and make me half handicap. I am a male cat for fish sake! I do not need to smell good or have trimmed nails human! That is why I make it real hard for them when come to showering and nail cutting routine hahahhahaah ………….

Wow, look at the time……. it’s almost snack time I better go and remind mom to give me my snack. Till then bye!

Myself in other parallel universe


I would like to think in some parallel universe I have different life.

In one world I am mother of 3, fussing over the kids and husband or even baking a pie,

In another world I am a successful career woman working in high profile position with world class conglomerate,

In another world I am a super fighter jet pilot with the best flying record that one can ever have,

In another world I am a hot sexy socialite that dances the night away and sipping Dom Perinon with man in tuxedo,

In another world I am a novelist with books on the top selling chart for months,

In another world I am just a spoil  girl from a rich family that all I do is to help in sustaining the retail industry,

In another world I am a doctor that travel to the most rural area in helping people in needs,

In another world I am a painter that paint happy faces,

In another world I am a renowned opera singer that only sing in red dress,

In another world I am a scientist that invented the cure for all sickness,

In another world I am a super hero with super power fighting crime helping to keep the city safe,

In another world I am just…………………………..




目前有点卡在十字路口, 也让我萌起将部落格关闭的念头。

很大的原因是为了隐私, 不想我今天所写的想法变成明天别人捏着我喉咙的武器。


祝我顺利的走过十字路往对的方向前进吧, 至于部落格让我再想想。。。。。。。。。

Grand Opening of Red Poppy Closet Plus Size Online Boutique


After weeks of hard work (ahem……cough cough) we have finally got the website up!!!

Today (12 June 2011) marked the Grand Opening of Red Poppy Closet Plus Size online boutique.

Red Poppy Closet is an online boutique selling plus size clothes ranging from UK size 10 – 16.

Please drop by and check us out.

About Red Poppy Closet Plus Size Online Boutique

Red Poppy Closet Plus Size Online Boutique  is the brain child of two best friends Edel and Esther who share same passion in shopping. They are tired of hunting up and down for clothes that will fit (because they are plus-sized themselves) and after spending hours finding only frumpy, unfashionable looking and over priced plus size clothes they decided to take matters into their own hands. They have a vision to break the myth that plum people cannot be fashionable hence the birth of Red Poppy Closet. They believe that being fashionable is an attitude and that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. They hope one day they can bring style to all women regardless of shapes, sizes and ages.

People behind Red Poppy Closet Plus Size Online Boutique,

Esther is a sweet and animal loving person. As the eldest of 3 siblings she is the big sister that takes care of everything. She likes to decorate and clean her house during spare time. Esther fashion style is more towards casual and emphasis on comfort however she also tends to like sweet looking clothes. Just like Edel, she loves bright colors and all shinny things.

Edel is a friendly and talkative person. As the only child Edel is very assertive since young and this can be intimidating to some but rest assure she is harmless J Edel is a vain pot; she starts painting her nails and applies lipstick since the tender age of 5. Edel closet is filled with dresses and high heels. She favors elegant and smart looking clothes. Edel is also a shoes fanatic among other things.



Handshake – A handshake is a short ritual in which two people grasp one of each other’s opposite hands, in most cases accompanied by a brief up and down movement of the grasped hands. (wikipedia)

Again in my job I shake a lot of hands and believe me they do come in many shapes and strengths. Below are the compilation of my experience.

  1. The iron claw – Once they grab on your hand, you would wish you never met. They clap their fingers  around yours so hard that you thought you heard your bones cracking. This type of hand shakes usually accompany with vigorous shaking.  Perhaps these people spend their free time practice Shao Lin Iron Palm Kung Fu. They tend to be over friendly even at the first meeting.
  2. The sotong/squid – Cold, sweaty and soft! They always remind me of squid when I have to shake their hand. It’s not their fault and I always hold back the urge to rub my palms on my skirt after shaking their hand as not to offend them.
  3. The fingers shaker – Some people actually shake with fingers, they will only hold my fingers and shake it 2 times. The whole process take less then 1 second. Perhaps they think my hand is full of germs.
  4. The warmer – My favorite ! these hand shakes usually come with just right amount of strength and length of time. Accompany with warm fingers wrapping around my hand sending out the confidence vibes.
  5. The no hand shake – Since we are Muslim country and Muslim man are not suppose touch other woman beside their wife, so I have been decline a hand shake with my hand already sticking out. Embarrassing but  totally understand their stand point. Note to self – do not assume all Muslim man will shake hand with woman.
Handshakes actually says a lot about a person’s character without us knowing it and it does play an important role in making an impression on first meeting. Of course with practice, anyone can be The Warmer.



In my job as a head hunter I meet quite a number of people over the past 5 years. Most of the people I met are usually more senior than me in term of age irregardless of male or female as the positions that I handle are senior positions.

Lately I realize one funny scenario. Usually when I meet candidate at cafe over coffee I will wait for them at the entrance and then will go grab a drink together before looking for a seat. Almost all the time, the candidate will just stand there waiting for me to buy him/her a drink. This is ok with me as I am the one ask he/she out for meeting but sometimes I just wish they have some courtesy and offer me a drink specially if the candidate is a guy.

What happened to Chivalry? I mean imagine this, the guy is older than me and they just stand there waiting for me to buy them drink. I guess it does not hurt if he just offer to pay for the drink and of course I would not let him, I think to pretend to ask is better than just keeping quiet. I think Malaysian guys need to learn to be more gentleman.  How funny that cost of a drink can buy a person’s true color.